JBS USA MTP-DRIVER in Mt. Pleasant, Texas

Feed Haul Driver

  • Driver is required to log on to Omnitrac system and proceed with Pre-Trip each day before loading.

  • Driver is required to select ticket, stamp “zero weight” and load feed haul trailer.

  • Driver will select finish feed bin, write the number on the ticker, and load feed haul trailer.

  • Driver will then proceed to farm unloading feed at correct farm, house and bin number.

  • Driver is expected to operate equipment in a safe manner as to avoid accidents or injury to other drivers.

  • At the end of the day, driver is required to do Post-Trip and log off Omnitrac system.

  • Driver is expected to be a team player and load feed in a manner to assist feed mill to run as efficiently as possible and deliver a quality product.

  • Driver is required to operate within all DOT and Pilgrim’s guidelines as set forth by Fleet Administrator.